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What is formative learning?

BOFA is the leading online formative learning provider. But what actually is formative learning, and how does it work?

What is formative learning?

The goal of formative learning is to monitor a pupil's learning and provide ongoing feedback so pupils can improve and make progress. This is often done by helping pupils identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing clear targets. Informal classwork with clear feedback or a verbal discussion with your teacher on an essay plan are both examples of formative learning.

This is in contrast to summative learning, which uses an assesment tool to evaluate a pupil's learning when compared to a standard benchmark. This is often a final exam or essay.

How does BOFA use formative learning?

At BOFA, we use formative learning to help pupils reach their academic goals. We believe formative learning is the most useful way to help pupils prepare for exams as it gives them clear feedback on which areas they need to improve on. This makes sure you're not wasting valuable revision time on topics you're comfortable with, and clearly identifies potential problem areas. This means your revision time is being used effectively.

Our initial test is the first assessment stage and works out what you don't know. You'll recieve a personalised report detailing weak areas, created using your incorrect answers. We then follow with the practice stage, you will see explanations to the questions you answered incorrectly and receive similar practice questions to try your new skills. Finally, after about a week, we offer the retest stage assessing how much you've progressed over the course of the test. You'll get another report after this step is complete, detailing any areas that still require work as well as overall improvement.