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Common Entrance 13+ Mathematics Syllabus

At the end of year 6 pupils are expected to be at at least 4C on the National curriculum, which means if they sat the GCSE at the end of year 6 they should get a Grade 1. The most able pupils will achieve a 6C or 6B which would be a  Grade 3 at GCSE.  As they progress through Years 7 & 8 they will cover the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum, which is equivalent to the Common Entrance Curriculum. The pupils sit the exam in either the second or third term of year 8. This is 5 terms after  the end of year 6 so they should be 5 grades higher on the National Curriculum. Depending on when they have been chosen to sit the exam and whether the pupil is going for the Core/Advanded/CASE level at CE, they should be aiming for GCSE level 3 or 4 (5). We recommend that you use the BOFA adaptive GCSE syllabus and select the current level as 1 or 2, and then target level 3 or 4 (5).

Old NC Level Old GCSE Grade New GCSE Grade
4C G 1
4B G 1
4A F 1
5C E 2
5B E 2
5A E 2
6C D 3
6B D 3
6A D 3
7C C 4
7B C 4
7A C 5
8C B 5
8B B 6
8A B 6
  A 7
  A 8
  A* 8
  A* 9